Professors Win Prize for Work on Polymers

The Australian Prime Minister has awarded Professor Ezio Rizzardo and Professor David Solomon a prize for developing completely new molecules. These link together in chains forming polymers. The making of polymers, polemerization, used to be a crude process. Now it can be done more precisely, tailor-made so to speak.

The end of a polymer was stopped from growing by coating it with nitroxide. This enabled knowledge to be gained after three links of growth. Importantly, the polymer could be triggered to start growing again. Different chemicals were applied to the growing polymers to see the effects. By applying what was learned, custom-made polymers were created.

Over 60 companies want to make the new material. As well as traditional uses such as tyres and car parts, delivering drugs and products that stop evaporation are also planned. Technology is moving at a rapid pace. Even for the specialist it is becoming difficult to keep up with new things.
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