Believe it - X-ray with Cellotape

It is possible to see through sticky tape. But such tape can also help you see through things! The action of peeling tape off a roll actually produces x-rays.If the tape is quickly stuck to a finger bones become visible. This was not discovered by someone actually seeing that this happens, even though it has been obvious for anyone to see for years. People are funny that way - put something under their nose and they won't see it. Actually, it was discovered by Russian scientists who noticed that peeling tape from a roll created bursts of x-rays seen on a meter.

The Russians increased x-ray emissions by peeling the tape off in a vacuum. The scientists were shocked to make the discovery. They could not believe that no one had actually observed this occurring by trial and error.

It works by triboluminescence. When tape is pulled from the roll the sticky acrylic becomes positively charged, while the roll remains negatively charged. For a billionth of a second the negative ions on the tape "bang" into the roll, i.e., electricity flows. This creates x-rays.

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