Bacillus subtilis a Useful Bacterium

New work on old bacterium shows promise. Bacillus subtilis has been used as a base organism to make vitamins and enzymes for washing powder. Nine countries including Australia have taken an in-depth look at Bacillus subtilis and the way it can survive in different environments.

Evolution has made B. subtilis thrive and have a strong metabolism. The findings will enable the creation of metabolites for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. There is greater understanding of how bacteria survive when infection changes the environment. This bacterium is now much more useful in producing enzymes.

In the study 512 new genes were identified in B. subtilis. These were added to the 4,200 previously known genes. It was believed that only a few genes needed to be modified to makes changes, but it was found that up to half of the genes needed to be targeted. Despite this it has been a great leap forward in science.
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