Abelisaurids Took the Place of T.rex in Australia

Tyrannosaurus rex did not roam ancient Australia. Perhaps another animal had already filled the niche. A new kind of dinosaur could have been the Australian killer and scavenger. The animal had stubby arms and could not live in central Australia because it was a vast desert.

The abelisaurid was a strange looking creature but it was the top killer. They not only dominated Australia. Their presence was felt right across the Southern Hemisphere. Different species of the animal reigned in various regions. The 21 foot long abelisaurid enjoyed a hot climate that changed from very wet to dry.

They existed for a long time, right back to Pangea the supercontinent. Like Tyrannosaurus rex they had a vicious bite. Abelesaurids had arms even less useful than Tyrannosaurus rex : abelesaurids had no wrists.
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