Vampires Could Be Right About Consuming Blood

Maybe vampires have got it right - infusing blood into one's body from a younger person is good for you. Saul Villeda did tests on rats. He injected older mice with blood from younger mice. The mice with ailments related to age got better. They actually became younger looking. Effects of aging were reversed.

It is rumoured that Saul has infused himself with blood from young virgins. Though blood from virgins is really not necessary. Blood from any younger person will do.

He has connected the circulatory systems of young and old mice together for several days. The older mice definitely became younger looking. Autopsies showed a 20 per cent increase in brain stem cell activity for the aging mice.

There is a down side. When the blood systems of mice were joined together young mice actually aged. If this is true. And there is no reason to think otherwise. Factors in blood that cause changes in the aging process could be identified and used as a medicine. It would be unfortunate if the young received remuneration from older people for their blood.

When it was found that a drug-like high could be obtained from playing sounds with different beat rates into each ear, people began using this system to temporarily enter "dreamland". If selling one's blood on the streets becomes the norm, what a frightening scenario that would be.
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