Spicy Food Stimulates the Same Endorphin Centers as Alcohol

It is well known that alcohol increases one's desire for spicy snacks. The personal drive not to eat is also weakened. This is why it is widely acceptable to head for the local curry shop after a drinking session.

It is believed that the two drives support each other. Those who like spicy food when they are sober tend to be heavy drinkers of alcohol. Both spicy food and alcohol stimulate the same centers in the brain. There is hope: spice lovers respond better to medication that reduces alcohol dependency.

It is all to do with the feel-good chemicals put out by the brain when stimulated. More endorphins are released by both substances. Because many people do not experience raised endorphins when consuming alcohol, drugs that lessens this affect do not work to stop alcohol consumption in them.

It was found that making "alcohol endorphin high" mice eat spicy food before offering them alcohol stopped them drinking as they were already getting the spicy high.

Apparently, there are two forms of alcohol dependency. One that is driven by endorphin highs and another in genetically 'low endorphin' people who crave alcohol for an unknown reason.
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