Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson Loses It in Australia

Does a celebrity "belong" to the people - apparently not. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame is a little miffed about photographers milling around him as he shoots an episode of the show in Sydney. Jeremy Clarkson didn't do the actual complaining, at first. It was his mate who lost the plot and ranted on.

The man said that Clarkson would never return to Australia, so it isn't a big loss. Top Gear is a silly show anyway - three guys acting like children hooning around the world in cars of all types. It is amazing that the show is so popular. Apparently, fans get a kick out of watching grown men behaving stupidly. They would probably not do such things themselves.

Never interfere with an Englishman and his dinner. That seems to be the issue. Photographers crowded around Jeremy Clarkson and his co-presenter James May while they sat down to eat their meal. Come on guys be polite! But this Australia. It is just about the only place on Earth where social rules are regularly broken.

Ah well, enjoy your visit Mr Clarkson. And you can't throw our photographers into the river. That is just not done - or is it?
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