Aboriginals Arrived in Thousands on First Arrival - Questionable

An archaeologist, Alan Williams, has a controversial theory. He believes that people first arrived in Australia from Asia in their thousands. It was not a small group. There is no proof for this. It is just his belief.

There is a problem with this: How did "Asians" know that land was over the horizon? It must have been first discovered by a few people in one or even two boats. It also presumes that they made the return journey to Asia to tell everyone - very unlikely.

His estimate puts the Aboriginal founding population at 3000 people. This would have been a virtual "armada" of new arrivals all at one time. This premise is too far fetched to believe.

Making estimates about how the Aboriginal population grew is prone to distortion because the general population declined after the arrival of Macassans and Europeans. The highest population level is "pulled out of the air" and put at 1.2 million before the opening-up of the continent. This is not a proven figure. Determining population growth to this level can only be supposition.

Professor Joe Dutch says that European arrival did not impact that much on Aboriginals as they were mainly in the north. Europeans moved into the south of the country.
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