Pink Dolphin Will Soon Be Lost

Pink dolphins who live off the coast of China are in serious decline. In 2003 there were 158 of them. Now that figure has fallen below 78. The numbers are estimates because they are always on the move.
Samuel Hung chairman of the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society says government action is needed to save the species. The dolphins bring tourists to Hong Kong so there is private money that could be used, though major government funding was needed to take effect immediately.

Waters near Hong Kong are polluted and young dolphins die from toxins in their mother's milk. It accumulates in seawater. Dolphins right across the world are getting diseases from pollution. Industrial fishing also kills thousands every year.

A new species of dolphin has been found off the southern coast of Australia. The Burrunan dolphin (Tursiops australia) is in small numbers due to polluted runoff into the sea. The mysterious problem of dolphin beachings continues. Noise of the modern world is blamed for this. Too many humans encroaching on the dolphins' natural domain is unstoppable. In coming decades some species will be lost forever.
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