Hot La Niñas Will be Normal

We are getting very hot conditions with flooding. This is seen by many as unusual. Australia has very hot dry weather followed by cooler wet weather in its regular pattern. There is a 100 year cycle in El Niño and La Niña events.  In other words severity peaks every century.

Australia is currently in a transition period.  The La Niña could continue or it could change to El Niño.  There is presently a lot of rain. Oddly there is also a drought inland. If it were an El Niño cycle things would be a lot worse. It seems global warming is making La Niña years very hot.

Australia is now getting hot La Niñas along with very hot El Niños. This is bad for the whole world because all continents are affected by weather in the Pacific Ocean.

Some El Niños reach a critical temperature with dry periods being severe. Global warming means that more of them will go over this critical point. The average of extreme El Niños has been one in twenty years.

Australians fear hot dry periods. This was the reason for Queensland's over-investment in bringing water to Brisbane. Now many say it was money wasted, but in the future this capital outlay could pay for itself. The hot dry weather will return and 40 degree days could go on for weeks.
Climate by Ty Buchanan
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