Aussies No Longer Flock to London

The whole world changes all the time. Cultures alter at different speeds depending where you are on this planet. Faster communication is creating a "one world community' as many would say. However, cultures do differ between nations and ethnic groups.

Australia has gone through dramatic change, from being an outpost of the British Empire to independence and self governance. Once Australians saw themselves as British first and Australians second. Going back "home" for a holiday to see mother England was a dream for many. Even after Britain joined the European Community Australians flooded into London.

Today, Australians are "thin on the ground" in England. Work restrictions are killing off the attraction. You can only work if you are European. Working visas issued to Australians has halved since 2006. Only 10,000 Australian citizens actually reside in the UK. Businesses promoting Aussie travel to Britain have closed their doors and Internet sites. "Pub crawls" of the Australian parts of London such as Shepherd's Bush no longer operate.  British pubs are also suffering because they cannot get Australian bar tenders who speak English well. Europeans just do not "cut the mustard".

Who is to blame. The British government is at fault putting visa restrictions on the valuable Aussie labour supply. Culturally, the British are closer to Australians than Europeans. Migration is going the other way now. More British and Irish are coming to live permanently in Australia. There are more employment opportunities in this advanced country, which oddly has more in common economically with primary producing developing nations. Digging out coal for the world pays well.
Migration by Ty Buchanan
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