Cheapy Tablet Market Explosion

Australians are buying cheap tablets at a record rate. Just about every major store is selling a low-cost tablet. People are not worrying about completely new brands and are snapping them up. The computers do the basics. 'This is all users seem to want. A spare lying around the house is always useful.

Established companies like Intel are taking notice. They are about to launch a "cheapy" into the booming market. Sales of all types of tablets doubled last year in Australia. Apple seems to be ignoring the trend keeping its prices high. This could prove very costly in the long run. You just cannot ignore a change in purchasing. The market has changed with people moving away from major brands. They have realized that tablets are much the same.

Making tablets is new for Intel. It is moving with the times and rightly so. Intel does not intend to manufacture in the US. It is consulting with Chinese companies. It knows a quality chip in integral for even cheapies to work well and it has the skills to design a fast chip.

It is designing a product for each price range, a good idea if it is to become the major manufacturer. That is its goal. The Bay Trail chip is 64-bit. This will offer real power as new applications is made for the system. The market is growing and buyers are expecting more features in a low-priced product.
Tablets by Ty Buchanan
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