Drink Your Own P.

It says in the Bible that a time will come when Man will eat his own .... and drink his own .... This is not so absurd as it sounds. Already effluent is cleaned and recycled as drinking water in populated cities. Plans are also afoot to use human waste as crop fertilizer.
Bill Gates drinks recycled sewer water
With reusable energy a high priority for the future, this agenda will probably be followed for high density regions of the world. If clean water is not available everywhere disease will spread across the globe. Production of food will also have to be maximized. Human waste is not the primary fertilizer yet.

Obtaining sufficient amounts of food and water is under threat from global warming. Make no mistake: climate change is a reality. It is not a fear campaign by the political Left.  Denial is stupidity.  The planet is a degree warmer today that is has been in past centuries.  Predictions of a rise of at least two degrees are in the offing.

The Internet has come at the right time for Man. More efficient communication will be needed to create and deliver the staples of human life. Political refugees have been a thorn in Australia's side for a long time now. There is no prospect that this country will be a target for climate refugees. Climate change will have a greater effect here than anywhere else.
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