Australian Business Uses Cheap Thai Labor - Economics

Oz firms use cheap Thai labor.
Businesses betray this country by moving offshore. It is amazing what they will say to justify such "job robbing" behavior. Executives even lie to themselves and never admit that the move is only to make more profit. Aus Business Uses Cheap Thai Labor disease
Thai factory workers
A case in point is the company Fibre King. This is a family business. Pat Boland, the joint managing director, says that the culture of Thailand is the reason to shift production there. This is absolute rot!
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He is going to fly in engineers to oversee Thai factory workers. No doubt, the Thai employees will be treated like slaves as their low wages dictate. The company will use the tried and proven colonial ste system. Design and sales will be retained in Australia. This is 25 per cent of the workforce. The Thai "automatons" will slave away in the sweatshop in Thailand. cheap labor
Economics by Ty Buchanan 
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