Manners are Lacking in the Young

Mind your manners. "Sorry, I mean NOT sorry. I'm young I don't have any manners." Observation of people up the age of 35 years shows that few of them know anything about manners. The rules of behavior have died with the technicization of the world.        young interesting entertaining informative info data new tell talking young.

The old courtesy of giving a lady your seat on a crowded bus has been forgotten. Today, men treat women as equals so a man would only consider a disabled old lady worthy of their seat. Of course, the majority would not change their "me first" for anyone.
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Females have also forgotten the courtesies of life. They do not act demure and dignified, so males cannot behave in a complimentary manner. Couples these days do not dress up in their best to go out. They just turn up at venues in tatty old shorts or jeans. Some things do remain thank goodness. If there were not some rules left societies would be in absolute chaos. People still know how to queue.
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