Aussie Manuka Honey is Best

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Many myths are trending in social media. Put something radical on Twitter and people want to follow the latest falsity. There are raves about the properties or Manuka honey from New Zealand, and it must be from kiwiland. Many believe this without question. Unfortunately, the belief is not true. | not. |◀|
Australian Maunuka honey

Nural Cokcetin of Sydney University of Technology has found that the "syrup" from the land of Aus is better. Sixteen per cent of the Aussie stuff was more potent. The rugby kings do not have to worry though: global demand is greater than supply. | ▶ | maluka not | ▶ |

Apparently, bee juice is a natural antibiotic. It is used to treat cuts and burns. Advertising claim it will cure sore throat, acne, gingivitis and irritable bowel syndrome. The latter claims have not be tested for voracity. | ▶ | not. | ▶ |

It is seems silly to continue to produce the raw product when a copy of the therapeutic substance, methylglyoxal, can be made synthetically. Buying it in tubes from pharmacists cannot be far down the track. | ▶ not | ◀ |
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