Australia to Save Bees

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Honey bees are disappearing all over the world.  The loss is increasing: 15 percent 10 years ago reaching as high as 40 per cent today.  Oddly, production has not fallen  mainly because more bee breeding is being done to counter losses.  This is despite reduced habitat due to building, pesticides, parasites, pests and pathogens.  | interesting honeys sweet sugar jars treacle syrup not. |
Australian Varroa Resistant Bees
The main killer identified is the Varroa mite which latches on to bees during the formation process.  The arachnida is in most countries except Australiasia.  The "Australians" are being bred for introduction to other places.  Unfortunately, they do not do well in cooler climates.

Pesticide is suspected of causing bee decline.  It is recommended that pest chemicals only be sprayed at night when bees return to hives.  If one honeybee gets poisoned thousands can die when it goes back to the hive - if it gets that far.  Anyway, they forage in the same area so many succumb.  | blog. |
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