Governments Bend Democracy

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Politicians do not respect real democracy. Right across the globe sitting presidents and ruling parties are not honoring peoples' rights. They are twisting the rules to suit themselves. Executives voted out still hang onto power. Governments ignore referendums and do what they want. A head of state gets a Nobel Prize for doing this. The whole world is becoming corrupt. | not. |◀|
Rulers are not democratic even in democracies
Gerrymandering is common in many countries with 'bent' electorate boundary lines being in place since WWII. Fiddling with boundaries goes on constantly. The governing Coalition in South Australia is doing it again by shifting nearly half a million voters into other electorates, making a win a certainty for them at the next ballot. Democratic belief assumes roughly the same number of votes in each constituency. The SA government is worsening this "fair" system. | ▶ | not | ▶ |

Taking over the national media is commonplace now in some lands. They even put opposition members in prison so they cannot stand in an election. No only that, but stupid people are being elected, sometimes with the help of hacking from a country that is the most bitter: the leader elect  kisses the butt of the foreign authoritarian who directed the hack. Hating the guts of the second most dangerous enemy, the world's largest country, does not bode well for future peace from the new erratic show/biz president. | ▶ | not. | ▶ |

There are clearly bad times ahead. More nations are at war. When a bankrupt country hits its taxpayers hard in order to bomb the s..t out of innocent citizens to return part of a city to a twerpy tyrant, we all need to go back to the caves. Oh, we cannot get into caves because they are filled with "terrorists"? And there are no woods left to move to. | ▶ not | ◀ |

We will have to stay where we are and hope death comes quickly and cleanly!  | not. |
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