New Compound Stops NLRP3 Inflamasone Response

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We hear about medical breakthroughs all the time. Unfortunately, after the loud announcement, very few get to the market. Australian researcher Dr. Rebecca Cole has discovered an anti-inflammatory compound that disrupts the functioning of inflammasone producing NLRP3, which causes inflammation. The inflammatory response is actually "manufactured" to believed attacks on one's body.
NLRP3 response
Ironically, Western people live constantly in a raised state of immune defense. This does more damage than good. Such diseases as arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and cancer do arise from this imbalance.
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Drug are available that do to a degree turn down the fighting response. A targeted medication though is needed. Like everything in this world patenting of the compound is happening right now. The company involved has raised $22 million, such is the promise of the potential drug.

It is known that the elderly do ultimately die from the body attacking "everything that moves".
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