Drinking Alcohol Does Not Help the Heart for Everyone

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The claim that alcohol improves the health of your heart is questionable. Only about 15 percent of people have the cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) gene. It is this that functions to gain from imbibing the beverage.  | __ .. not genes ..
Benefits of alcohol
The same problem arises from consuming red meat. Some get a great deal of benefit; others do not. It all depends on your genetic makeup. Beliefs are not truths.  Vegetarianism may be good for many, but not for all.  | __ .. |australian| health genes .. |    

A study measured genes (via blood tests), height and weight of 618 subjects. In the group, 19 per cent had the resistant B2 allele of the ester. It was these patients who fared well in heart checks when they drank moderately. This leaves over 80 per cent of the population who get poor health results from drinking. | __.... | not.| ....__  

It seems there could be some treatment value in alcohol consumption. It appears to improve erectile dysfunction in men. There is a down side though: quick ejaculation is followed by a real downer. More research is needed on this. | __ .. | not | .. __ .... |
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