Origin of Man Pushed Back 200,000 years - Not Africa

   News: Modern Homo sapiens did not come from the land of the Afri. Australia was the home for Mankind |origin of man - not africa. ▶ | human articles stories news tackle paragraph habiliments collections ornaments apparatus articles up stories on news equipage teams fashion kit fixtures material furnishings trappings articles at stories it news furniture sets outfit gadgets writing things gadget attachment articles as stories in news machinery contraptions read vestiges utensils kaboodle provisioning articles an stories pad baggage fittings provisions tools article words array ear articles accompaniments impediments setup appliances shebang facilities accessories Attacnts display contrivances and belongings stock stuff traps devices taking rig appurtenances listen things| in man of |◀ |
Australian Aboriginal
We were taught that anthropologists knew it all, and everything they held about human evolution was correct. Human lineage could be placed on a timeline This is now proved to be incorrect: Papuans came out of Africa much earlier than the 50,000 to 80,000 years assumption. These people left the continent of Eden at least 100,000 yrs ago. The Original African theory supposed an Eve living as far back as 200,000. | ▶ not. |◀ |
African man
Professor Alan Wilson has put forward the hypothesis that Australia could be the fountain place of Man. Aboriginals have the highest rate of genetic mutation of any "race". Mitochondrial evidence along the female line proves this. A colleague of Alan Wilson, Rebecca Cann, suggests the combining of two human lineages in Aborigines pushing modern Man back 400,000 yrs. | ▶ | man not | ▶ |    

There is another big mystery: humans have always lived alongside dogs. The presumption is that Aficans travelled all the way to the Indonesian Archipelago with dogs, but did not take them to Australia - very odd indeed. The British brought dogs in the eighteenth century. Dingoes escaped from Southeast Asian fishermen only a few centuries earlier. The Asian dog is a dingo. | ▶ | not. | ▶ |   | ▶ | not | ◀ |
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