People Vote Conservative With Age

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One's political view does change over time - for some people. It is well known that the young tend to lean to the left. As they get older conservatism sets in. Of course, there are exceptions. Furthermore, do those who start out as conservative move further to the right and become fascists? Not really.
People move to the right politically
Low-income people are more likely to vote Labor. While high-earners favor parties on the right. The problem is complicated by the fact that the word Liberal is a label that can mean center-left or center-right depending on the country.

Those who stay Left all their lives feel put-upon by society. They never get a fair bit of the cake. Government makes changes too often and they feel that it is to take more away from them. It hits them hard, in the pocket. High-income earners are, for the most part, in control of the changes. The less well-off know this.

The "slide" to the right is curtailed in many because they remain on low incomes all their lives. If you have little spare change you cannot easily adapt to change. The world becomes a frightening place.
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