Problems With Drinking Alcohol

There is much talk about allowing sales of alcohol in service stations and corner stores.  Of course, it is by vested interests in order to make more profit.  The weakness is that allowing small businesses to be distributors will bring on calls by supermarket to stock beer, wine and spirits as well.
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Drinking problem
It is like legalizing marijuana.  It doesn't solve the problem.  Much more is sold though.  The same for alcohol.  Like all drugs there is dependency.  This has a cost to society.  Families suffer most, with wives, husbands and children having to go without necessities.  Let's face it, booze is a multi-million dollar industry.

People who drink too much are flooding into hospitals for treatment.  Indeed, one in six admissions nationwide are alcohol related. Nurses and doctors are calling for body cameras to record assaults.  Western Australia is pushing for "drunk" tanks to be introduced.  It is going to be put forward at the next state election.  They have such a system in the UK.
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