Lice Treatment Endangers Children

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Pyrethroids are commonly used in the home. You buy spray to repel mosquitoes or to eradicate lice off the supermarket shelf and assume that it is safe.  Unfortunately, it has dangers. A French research team tested 287 women and six years later examined their children.  ||| lice do treatment to endangers is children | pyrethroid lice |
Dangers of head lice treatment
Pregnant mothers who have a particular pyrethroid in their urine can give birth to children with life problems. The youngsters are withdrawn and anxious. Another pyrethroid in children's waterworks makes them hyperactive. They show their feelings too readily and are aggressive.   ||| lice as treatment it endangers go children | lice | pyrethroid ||    
Permethrin is in lice treatments and scabies creams. Though recommended for use on toddlers over six months of age, manufacturers know it is unsafe. Profit outweighs their obligation to put correct information on packages. | | australia pyrethroid not. |   
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Scientists not involved in the study said it was too small for the findings to be accepted. They also said that we all have the chemical in our systems. This is a normal reaction from people who do not want to accept the truth. An adult will probably have no impairment, but a child is another matter.
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