Beware DNA Lifestyle Coaches

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People are wrongly accepting advice from so called experts after taking a DNA test.  Lifestyle coaches have become popular. However, not enough is known about DNA sequencing. It is just fortune telling at the moment.  ||| diet lifestyle do DNA to beware is coaches ||
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Guidance is about changing one's diet. It is based on snippets of DNA, not the whole genome; so it not really gene sequencing analysis. For evaluation of suitable diet, billions of subjects would have to be tested.  Are the needs of individuals different?  This question is not answered yet.   ||| lifestyle as DNA it beware go coaches | diet on sequencing on lifestyle | ||    

Most would lose weight and become fitter if they adopted the Mediterranean regime and exercised, which is what they are usually told to do.  Taking more vitamins is another recommendations that would also improve your overall health. | | australia F not. |   
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This testing is becoming a fad.  if it becomes mainstream a billion dollar industry will be created such as the bottled water craze that started as a novelty and is now common everywhere.  Practitioner predictions cannot be that specific.
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