Chinese Australians are not Loyal Citizens

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It seems Chinese australians do not have the welfare of the Nation first in their minds. Though many are born here their main allegiance is to Mainland China. This may be hard to believe but it is true. You see wherever these people live they see themselves as Chinese. Like recent immigrants who identify strongly with their hard-line religious beliefs, the subcultures are a danger to this country.   ||| australians chinese it china in mainland subculture australians citizens is or chinese of australians to loyal |
Chinese loyal Services Society CASS
The Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS) is openly supportive of the Communist regime in China. So much so that it made a submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs. This is way out of line as far as I am concerned. They should concentrate on the job on community matters like aged-care and childcare.   ||| go australians as chinese it | mainland subculture on on citizens at australians chinese of mainland| ||    

Telling the government to drop the Australia-US alliance was obviously ordered by the Chinese government. A bureaucrat who got asylum in Britain said that 90 percent of Australians of a Sino background are spies. This shocking behavior proves that he is right. | china | not an affairs australia up political. |   
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Canberra has categorized the offending body as an offshoot of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office controlled by Beijing. Henry Pan the honorary executive director of CASS said, “We are an loyal organization with our primary aim to serve the communities in Australia.” This is obviously a bold-faced lie!  
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