DNA Domestication Test on Sandy the Dingo

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The winner of the World's Most Interesting Genome Competition wasn't even human. It was dog! Sandy is a 100 percent pure desert dingo. Runners up were a sea slug, Temple Pitviper snake, pink pigeon and a bombardier beetle.  ||| australian darwin australia genes Dingo it dna to Domestication of dogs in Sandy Test is or dna in genes dogs scientific |
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DNA of the dog was examined by Professor Bill Ballard leading a team from NSW's universities and the University of Arizona. These scientists benefit from a money prize that went with the win: the Pacific Biosciences SMRT Grant. They will spend this to test some of the premises suggested by Charles Darwin.   ||| Test as Dingo it go dna | Sandy on on at dna in | ||    

It does not take much thought to accept Darwin's belief that canines were selectively bred by Man to domesticate them. Having a tame pure-bred dingo was a great opportunity to analyze how domestication took place. Comparing genes of domesticated dogs with Sandy will show the sequences for behavior and temperament. | Domestication interesting | not. |   
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Unfortunately, real canis lupus are dying out: pet dogs often leave the vehicles of travellers in the bush and breed with the wild species. In my opinion making it a species is not scientific. Considering fertile offspring is the result means there is no "mule", which would be a requirement to categorize the creature as such.   | or an up Test.
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