Glacier Changes Direction of River

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Despite some dissenters, the great majority of people have accepted that climate change is fact. The Arctic is rapidly shrinking as glaciers melt. This can be seen from satellites in space.  Countries are experiencing extreme fluctuations in weather conditions.  ||| slims Kaskawulsh glacier it changes to river of canada in direction is or changes in Kaskawulsh |
Glacier changes river direction
In the Yukon in Canada a glacier fed the Slims River which meandered across Alaska into the Bering Sea. The Glacier is no more. In just four days the river vanished.  It can happen without glaciation, but is does not take place so quickly.   |||changes as glacier it go | direction on at changes in Kaskawulsh arctic | ||    

Hot weather in early 2016 hit the Kaskawulsh glacier hard. A wide canyon opened in the ice. The river changed direction and now flows south into the Alsek River. The original river is now a dust bowl. | interesting | not. |   
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Scientists were shocked: they hadn't been to the region since 2013. Temperatures had been 4.3 degrees Celsius higher than normal before the event. The whole ecosystem downstream has been damaged. The Alsek is overflowing; thus lakes and rivers along its journey will be affected as well.   | canada or an up arctic slims .
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