Health Technology Companies are too Ambitious

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Health: high-tech businesses are pressuring healthcare providers to adopt new systems to improve patient care. Government policy and regulation is stopping them from getting their way. Of course, there is a lot of money at stake.  ||| internet health it technology to ambitious on funding in companies government is or technology in internet funding patients |
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There is inertia in Australia's medical system. The operating structure has not significantly changed in over 50 years. Tech companies hold that people no longer want to go their doctor, or be treated in hospital, discharged, then have to go back again. It is a production line but it has worked for a very long time. Adopting new Internet related technology costs a great deal. Staff must be trained to use it.   ||| ambitious technology of government as health go companies in patients | ||    

We have heard so much about the electronic healthcare record (EHR). However, many still refuse to sign the common "share my information" form as it is. There are privacy laws that stop digital storage in its tracks. Unless politicians get rid of legislation, data management will remain the same. Some new methods are being used. For example, MRI results are now given to patients on a DVD: though CDs and DVDs are "way back then" already. |.| not. |.|   
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Technical companies want government to increase funding. Obviously, they want it to finish up in their coffers. They also want patients to use the Internet with their gear. You cannot rely on your adult children to care of you in your home anymore. This idea is dead in the water.   | ambitious up government.
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