Inoculation of Native Animals to Kill Cats

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Everything was going okay in Australasia until Europeans arrived. They brought their pesky pets with them. The domestic cat has become the leading destroyer of native wildlife. It ran wild and became feral.   ||| me feral kill no pest cats as kill eh animals en native do vermin of feral if inoculation go pest |
cats for the kill
Apart from poison which can kill dingoes, not much is available to control the foreign vermin. Scientists have developed an injectable implant that if digested is toxic to felines. The active substance is obtained from domestic plants. A coating around it protects native animals from succumbing.  Once eaten the predator dies.   ||| ox vermin at feral get pest from inoculation cats ha kill hi animals domestic ho native la vermin my inoculation on job go animals | |    

It was observed that fauna in Western Australia survived the domestic pet onslaught. They ate flora that contained the chemical, thus the predators died. Native animalia had become tolerant to it and suffered no bad consequences. | | domestic ox vermin at feral get pestnot an cats or kill at animals it native to vermin um feral un inoculation up pest. | |   
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The problem is that inoculating all indigenous animals is impossible; so some will be killed and the imported pest will survive, but if a large number are injected then the species will survive.  
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