Mangroves declining in Northern Australia

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When you visit a mangrove you immediately get that stinky smell. It is no pleasure to walk out to the ocean to paddle your feet. Why should you worry if some mangroves are lost?  This would mean losing useful habitat for many  creatures.  ||| mangroves it declining mangrove in habitat die-off northern to australia is or declining mangroves of |
Mangrove in Northern Australia
Your dinner plate would be lighter with the loss of barramundi, mud crabs, banana prawns and red snapper. This is happening in the Gulf of Carpentaria, the northerly part of Queensland and the Northern Territory. The damage was caused by El Niño changing the direction of prevailing winds.  Sea levels fell which left the mudflats high and dry. There was a also a shortage of natural water due to a drought.   ||| northern as Mangroves it go declining | habitat die-off on on northern at declining mangroves of habitat | ||    

Rhizophora, the plant itself, does not like too much salt. They are only on the coastline because plants upstream in fresh water grow tall which blocks out light. When a tree is lost it takes ten years to replace: it has a long life, living over 200 years. | mangrove | not. |   
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If the situation continues, commercial fisherman will see a reduction in fish caughtthey go to the coastal habitat to breed. The balanced ecosystem is also a natural feeding ground.  Research has begun to find out if the die-off is related to global change.   | or an up.
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