Work for the Dole is Financially Uneconomic

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Australian conservatives keep flogging their dead horse - blaming the unemployed for lack of jobs. The government should be creating more employment, not making job seekers waste their time showing up at the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul Society to play cricket in the yard. This is what they do all day.   ||| me ces no benefits work as dole eh financially en uneconomic do unemployment of ces if government go benefits |
Work for the dole
If the right wingers had their way they would ban unions and pay poverty wages to make more millionaire businessmen like Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Ironically, the PM got rich by fortuitously buying Ozimail shares when they were at a rock-bottom price. Those who have made millions in business are not skillful. They are arrogant, walking all over ordinary people - raping, plundering and destroying like Alan Bond did as they go along their greedy way.   ||| ox unemployment at ces get benefits from government work ha dole hi financially ho uneconomic la unemployment my government on job | australia |    

Only 2 percent of those who participate in the scheme gain placements. Statistics show this could be more from luck than any skills learned. Non-profit organizations say the money spent on working for the benefit is a misuse of financial resources. Put it back into teaching them real skills. They don't learn anything getting under the feet of genuine, usually elderly, volunteers. | | ox unemployment at ces get benefits from government not an work or dole at financially it uneconomic to unemployment um ces un government up benefits. | |   
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For every position advertised, there are more than six applicants. It is much higher in South Australia and Tasmania, nine and ten respectively. Political bias prevails in this country. Center Liberals are controlled by the right. The Party should be called the Australian Conservative Party. It is not center at all.  
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