Australia Destroys Valuable Plants From France

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Australia does have some weird schemes. I do not know if they still do it, probably not. In the 1960s when many European immigrants arrived here, customs officers would walk up the isle of aircraft before people disembarked. They would spray ordinary aerosols to kill any bugs from countries of origin. Obviously, this was stupid. Insects could be in the clothes of passengers and in baggage, either carry-on or in the hold.   ||| plants destroys france customs or valuable if australia me customs france plants found as valuable found eh en destroys up valuable to seeds customs|
Customs confiscate plant material
Another silly thing that goes on today is destruction of plant material and seeds from other countries. With the amount of stuff being ordered on eBay and the like, probably one in hundred seed packets are destroyed. This is a waste of resources. It isn't achieving anything.   ||| ox   
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Nations do share plant specimens for research. The Museum of Natural History in France sent samples of rare flowering plants to Brisbane's herbarium. They were pressed and could not germinate. Yet the 200 year old examples were incinerated. Such plants cannot be replaced.     france destros at not an new un | |   

This wasn't the first time it had occurred. A few weeks earlier lichen from Allan Herbarium in New Zealand was zapped. Though overseas institutes have not officially announced it, there is no doubt planned exchanges have been stopped, maybe forever. This can only hurt Australia going forward.      once upon a time from chiefs cord hair writing | .

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