Crop Probiotics is Just Snake Oil

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 Probiotics do not work.  Tests show that digestion in the gut destroys 99.9 percent of probiotics.  It is a fad. As we know fads come and go. Now farmers are being told there are probiotics for crops. This is nonsense.    ||| plants biostimulants me false snake no nonsense as snake eh probiotics en crop do false if research go nonsense |
crop probiotics
It is claimed that supplements will increase productivity, make plants tougher and raise resistance to pests. Apparently, Australia is negligent in allowing poor biostimulants into the country.  Manufacturers want the market regulated by the government so they can only product can be sold.  What a big lie this is!   ||| research on ox biostimulants are false and nonsense from research oil ha snake hi probiotics ho crop la biostimulants my probiotics | |    

At the moment scientists do not know much about crop-beneficial bacteria, so it is drawing a very long bow to act as though you can make a working additive. It is like trying to make city traffic lights effectively operate to improve vehicle flow. This is almost impossible. | | australia on biostimulants are false and nonsense not an oil or snake at probiotics it crop to biostimulants um false un research up nonsense. | |   
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Not only must bacteria send mutually understandable chemical signals for botanical growth, but storage and transport criteria must be fulfilled as well. DNA testing of sugarcane showed changes in root bacteria and fungi. No benefit of any kind was identified in the plants. It is like the old humus debate. Does it exist or doesn't it? Does it have benefits or doesn't it?  
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