Doctors Suggest Antibiotics to Patients

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Should people try to benefit now from taking antibiotics or care about coming generations having successful treatment of dangerous diseases? Superbugs are common across the world with only a few antibiotics beating them.   ||| prescriptions suggest patients or antibiotics if pharmacists suggest doctors me prescriptions found as antibiotics found pharmacists eh patients en doctors prescriptions go patients pharmacists antibiotics treatment |
Doctor and patient
Patients are usually blamed for their antibiotic "addiction". However, it is GPs who decide to prescribe them.  In many cases they suggest the medication. It is just good luck that family doctors cannot offer the antimicrobial last-resorts (carbapenems).   ||| ox suggest patients get from antibiotics suggest prescriptions ho doctors my patients on job antibiotics treatment | |

Some countries such as Australia have health systems that make for lackadaisical attitudes. The sick know that if one practitioner will not hand over the magic elixir then another will. Medical practitioners are human beings too and they do not want to upset someone who they have known for decades.     at not an new it doctors un pharmacists up colonial treatment | |   

So many bad things happen in the world today. The middle-aged certainly feel like living for the present, not the unknown future. Short-term choices will definitely win out. We have global warming hanging over us and precious little is being done about that!       once upon a time |
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