Great Cold Spot Found on Jupiter

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Jupiter is not just another planet.  Without it to balance the solar system, life on Earth would never have occurred.  Features of this planetary body are still being discovered.  Scientists are constantly observing it.  A team of astronomers has found a large cold spot.    ||| found me aurora borealis spot no earthsky as spot eh cold en great do aurora borealis if observations go earthsky |
Cold Spot on Jupiter
Like other planets, Jupiter has northern lights.  This is what is causing the weather anomaly.  It seems the climate is more complex than originally thought.  The aurorae causes this dark spot near the pole.  Though only identified in the last 15 years the spot phenomenon is probably ancient.   ||| news observations on ox found are aurora in borealis and earthsky from observations jupiter ha spot hi cold ho great la found my cold aurora on borealis news| |    

The Great Cold Spot is colder in relation to the atmosphere around it, but it is 73°C.  On Earth, the Polar Lights are cold receiving particles from the Sun.  On the big planet it generates heat by utilizing volcanic particles from its moon Io.  It is the most volcanically active "world" in the Solar System.  The Earth's Arctic show is bright enough.  However, Jupiter's is much brighter. | | on found are aurora it borealis earthsky not an jupiter or spot at cold it great to found um observations up earthsky. | |   
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It was measuring how bright the ions glowed that led to identification of the colder region.  Apparently, a similar area must exist on our orb.  The display here is more active and changes, so it would be visible only for short periods.  The cold vortex does disappear on the Jovian giant at times as well.  It is hoped that more about the weather will be highlighted by the Juno spacecraft.  
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