Inca Khipus Corded Writings Discovered

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The string corded "writing" of the Incas called Khipus could soon be decoded.  It was thought that the system was only used to keep records of inventory such as beans, corn and other commodities.  However, some new khipus are being examined.  They were kept hidden by Andean elder since colonial times.   ||| elders khipus discovered or writings if andean khipus inca me elders found as writings found andean eh discovered en inca elders go discovered andean writings corded |
Inca khipu
These are different from other khipus: they have 14 shades of colored regions strategically located between cords.  This increases the range of symbols for more detailed interpretation.  It points to a typical writing method to record historical events.   ||| ox  
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Professor Sabine Hyland of St. Andrews University in Scotland says that it is likely the combinations represent syllables of words. The artifacts tell about warfare according to the village elders who kept them.  They were stored with old letters between the Spanish colonial government and tribal leaders about land rights.     at not an new it inca un andean up colonial corded | |   

Spanish writers of the day actually said that runners transported letters recorded in cord messages.  Chiefs wanted some secrecy from the conquistadors, particularly if a rebellion was planned.  Apparently, the message type was made of animal hair which held dye much longer than the record keeping kind made of cotton.       once upon a time from chiefs cord hair writing | .

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A golden opportunity was missed by Professor Hyland:  an elderly women told her that she used cords as a child.  The villager then ran off and hid. 
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