Conspicuous Consumption by Rich on Education

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Thorstein Veblen coined the phrase "conspicuous consumption" to apply to the purchase of corsets and silver spoons by the upper class. It is assumed that such gross buying of luxury products is still with us. The saying is often used.   ||| education oh rich if goods consumption up conspicuous me found no have my education it goods en conspicuous go goods |
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Today, mass production has brought the price of such commodities down, unless of course you buy Apple goods that are grossly overpriced. Note, this company is using oligopolistic practices. However, for the most part, such items are not that costly compared to income.   ||| ox dravidian at  luxury go goods is consumption rich luxury ho conspicuous on consumption luxury | |    
Having a private yacht or aircraft, which are expensive, is a way to show how disgustingly wealthy one is.  Specialist services are now acquired by the rich. These are exclusive not really material.  Having material goodies is treated as normal by the "controlling" echelon.     it conspicuous. | | 

Indulgent spending is common for everyone these days. Rich people target high level education, health and retirement assets. Over the decade 2003 to 2013 the cost of education rose 80 percent in the West. Such consumption sends a "We can easily afford it" message to the middle and lower classes. It preserves status for following generations.      oh | .
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