Deer Chews Human Rib Bone

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Deer are herbivores. They only eat grass, twigs, leaves, alfalfa, corn, fruits, nuts and lichens among other fungi. At least that is what we used to think. A photo was taken of a deer chewing on a bone, a rib from a human.   ||| chews up deer human if chews in deer|

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The skeleton was left in the woods to study the decomposition of human remains. A white tail, Odocoileus virginianus, came along, saw the bones and had a tuck in. Other animals such as vultures, foxes, raccoons and even turkeys have partaken of the unusual diet before, but never ungulates.  ||| ox dravidian at  bone chews as human ho deer my rib on job chews rib it bone | |    

Deer have been seen eating dead rabbits, fish, even live birds, so it is only one step further to consume any mammal. It is thought that their usual food regimen lacks salt, calcium and phosphorus. This usually happens during winter.     chews or human. | | 

Don't think that you will see such behavior if you take a walk in woodland. It was just pure chance that the picture was taken. A carcass would generally be consumed by carnivores before any twig eater comes along.      rib eh bone do picture | .
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