DNA is Predictive of Number of Children You Have

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Clearly, how many children one has depends on chance or planning. Single women usually get pregnant "accidentally", which married females do generally plan when they have children. This is similar for men. Researchers now say it is in your genes - presuming DNA affects your behavior.   | fertility you DNA or predictive or about up have we number by DNA as children in you ho fertility oh predictive la number ha babies children go have oh fertility pregnant number |
Family of many children
Claims are that 12 areas of your DNA (24 specific genes) determine the sum of kids and your age when you have them. Two hundred and fifty academics examined a quarter of a million men and women. They found that women who had children later in life had genes pushing back the onset of menstruation. Of course, if you do not menstruate you cannot fall pregnant. This is purely a physical thing.   |||   | men have ox predictive do about so number |    

It is believed that males do not become fertile until their voice breaks. This is rubbish. No test shows it as fact. Furthermore, only 1 percent of birth timing is affected by your genetic code. There is a tendency to confuse menstruation with sex drive. This is a mistake.     number on DNA me predictive go about to you or babies ah. | | 

Plans are afoot to include the test findings in fertility treatment to predict the best times to try for pregnancy. This is really jumping the gun. With impact on behavior of only one in a hundred it is like a feather knocking over a building. It is a very weak causative factor.  A century ago couples had many children.  Today, families are smaller. Yet, hereditary makeup has not changed much!      as face book go about do have | go about sex.
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