The Young are Wary About Facebook Privacy

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No wonder young people are going off Facebook.  It is a platform for mums and dads they say.  This could be true, but the thing that turns youngsters away is the truth that Facebook gives its data to advertisers for a fee.  It wouldn't be so bad if consumers get some of the money - they don't.   | platform young or wary of about up social be facebook we privacy by young in platform ho advertisers ha data facebook go social blog |
Facebook advertising
It should be noted that the social site has two billion users.  This is a massive database.  The most frustrating thing is getting strings of advertising for a product you have already bought!  If you go to an airport you have already purchased your ticket.  Why do you want more ads targeting you there?   |||   | social ox wary do about as facebook so privacy |    

Another issue is the Internet giant trying to work out your emotional state from your online activities. Advertisers are given these findings. Furthermore, if you are feeling down you will see ads for counselling sites. This is despite FB saying that the info is not used in ad targeting.     on facebook young me wary go about la privacy to platform oh advertisers or data ah facebook. | | 
A significant find made by FB is that those who have recently been divorced hang onto their married status for some time after the split, and they tend to travel more.  This was passed on to travel companies.  The use of data is carried out to the Nth degree.  There are no boundaries.  No one polices the digital platform.  If the business continues along its intrusive way it could find governments introducing new privacy laws to cut off its nose!      as face book go about do social | young so wary as go about activities.
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