Natural Gas is an Option for a Green Future

Coal is not the only way of lighting up homes. Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is an option for a cleaner green ecosystem. || australia option future natural future notable green natural option gas natural gas natural green natural option blog green || 
For all the greenhouse gas reduction cacophony little is said about generating electricity with natural gas. For sure, like coal and oil it is non-renewable. However, it is not as dirty as these alternatives. Indeed, 13 percent of power comes from natural gas plants already. This is rising.     | gas green|
Natural gas power generation
Electricity prices are increasing, particularly in Australia. This has been caused by public and government pressure on coal power stations to close down. Note that there is solid support for coal in Liberal Party (read conservative) factions.   |||   | option then on future option |    

Logic would tell you that there is no way sufficient power can be generated by using green systems such as solar and wind. When the sun goes down or on a cloudy day sun energy stops and on a still day wind turbines do not turn.    people

People fail to see the future. Combustion engines in a decade or so will be old technology. Some car companies are about to make only electric vehicles. Even if a third of the millions of cars on the road are non-oil, demand for electricity will be enormous. Plugging them in every night will bring to an end cheaper night-time tariffs.     sex.

Forget the high cost of heating your home. Electric company bills will rise to thousands of dollars a quarter for most households running "clean" cars. And we will always need some energy generated by fossil fuels. This is inevitable. despite beliefs by many that we will be living in an absolutely pollution-free fairyland.
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