Older People Annoyed by Perfect Millennials

People in the older section of Australian society think turn of the century people are strange. The different cultural perspective is a problem. ◘1 people older is a that is an annoyed for perfect people older australia annoyed millennials notable perfect older annoyed people older blog future millennials ◘1
Australian seniors are sick of the behavior of millennials. When surveyed, most said that the young accept what the Internet tells them. They are just too politically correct. What with equal rights for women, gay marriage and obsession with climate change, teens are a pain.      ◙2 perfect annoyed then on millennials people chain annoyed ◙2
Elders and perfect millennials
In regard to tech, the aged say "We survive without it." The life of ordinary Aussies years ago and the retired today is live for the moment. The law is just a guide. If you have to break minor laws, so be it. Don't let your lifestyle be shaped by others.   |||   ⦿3 news young ⦿3

It seems language is an irritating factor. Older people go by the rough meaning of slang, particularly Aussie strine. The younger generation worry about the correctness of words. This is definitely un-Australian. It is odd the way teenagers believe that something is right because their friends say it. It is not correct to say "The dog run across the road." The word to use is "ran." Yet, they will argue that the former is the right way to say it.     ⧗ sex rights of women ⧗

Those in the survey said Australians between 19 and 35 were confusing and illogical, to use a Vulcan term. Etiquette of youngsters is nonexistent. They have no manners at all. Giving up one's seat to a disabled person does not happen these days. Indeed, young women will force their way into a queue in front of senior people believing they have a right to do so. If asked, they say, "ladies have rights, you know!" But, 'ladies' is not applicable to them.     ⧗ annoyed or millennials perfect correct ⧗
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