BBC Blocks iPlayer Access Using a VPN

VPN is no longer the way to access BBC iplayer. It blocks it. IPs used by companies providing such services are being blocked by BBC. ◘1 Blocks on iPlayer we Access at Using am VPN bbc it blocks news ◘1
The BBC restricts program market. Virtual private networks have always been a way to jump fences set up by greedy programming license holders. The BBC is now protecting this sector. It has found a way to close VPN tunnels to overseas users who want to access the iPlayer.      ◙2 bbc or Blocks in iPlayer he Access to Using or VPN ◙2
iPlayer blocked by BBC
It is even acting as if we and it do not know what it is doing. The message "This content doesn't seem to working. Try again" is playing us for fools. We know what is going on and it does as well. An act such as this will obviously put many VPNs out of business. So many people in the world like to watch British programs.  ⦿3 iplayer up access blocks ⦿3

It seems the way the system works is to block IP addresses of VPN providers. As Internet Protocols can be recycled it is like a dog chasing its tail. The fight will go on and on. Like the phoenix called Pirate Bay. It rises then rises again.     ⧗ sex ⧗

Even British consumers are offended because UK Broadcasts are blocked when they use a Virtual network. And they pay the TV licence fee! These users can no longer have their privacy. People will move to Smart DNS services which are too difficult to block, but these do not protect your privacy.     ⧗ or occupation ⧗
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