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A forced asset test placed on elderly citizens attempting to enter aged care. This is a compulsory test for nursing care. ◘1 forced or elderly we test of care at Using am homes it aged test it forced news test he care an nursing ◘1
The government has discriminatory control over aged care homes. Furthermore, nursing homes show further discrimination by going along with federal authorities in Australia. An elderly person cannot pay full fee without being assessed for subsidy. Even if you are a millionaire and want no financial help you will still have your assets evaluated.      ◙2 aged ok forced in elderly to Using or homes test ◙2
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In our capitalist system this is a shocking situation for people. Bureaucratic snooping around of one's finances is something no one wants. The tax office has a right to know. This is where it should end. We live in a nanny state, no doubt about it.  ⦿3 homes up test elderly forced nursing ⦿3

The ACAT form has to be filled out - well half way through at least until one gets to the property section. A caring facility has to know what type of care a patient requires. A home will want to get as much subsidy as it can, so a Centrelink DVA Assessment is then on the cards.     ⧗ sex ⧗

There is no way a carer can get respite for a needed vacation while looking after anyone needing assistance if the DVA is not completed. This is because a body providing services such as daily showering will refer the patient to a nursing facility for a week or so and federal money will be sought.    ⧗ or occupation ⧗
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