The Massive United States Debt Must be Paid

The United States debt has reached massive proportion. Something has to be done soon. ◘1 united up states we massive at am paid it aged massive it united news massive an nursing ◘1
How much longer can the U.S. keep accumulating debt? There has to be a day of reckoning.  What happened to Greece surely is a warning. When it does eventually take place there will be a world recession, even a depression.      ◙2 massive ok united in states to Using or paid massive ◙2
United States debt crisis
Two-third of the debt of $20 trillion is held by foreign governments, companies and the American public. They hold bonds, notes and bills. A third is owed to government departments and trust fund such as Social Security. Unfortunately,  this "surplus" is payable to baby boomers in just a few years.  ⦿3 paid up states united debt ⦿3

The US owes more than the EU. Indeed, it is the highest in the world. Moreover, it equates to a year's GDP. This has doubled since 1988 when it was only half of what was produced annually. Ironically, President Obama made the situation worse by giving tax cuts in the Federal budget. President Trump has promised large tax cuts that can only bring the repayment much closer. Indeed, all recent US leaders have spent more than they collected. When the crisis hits, interest rates will soar because the heads of state went for the short-term instead of the long-term.     ⧗ sex ⧗

Higher taxes and borrowing rates will bring the economy to a halt. Then China and Japan will stop buying-up Treasurys - reduced spending power means consumers will not buy Asian exports, so the quid pro quo of Treasury holdings by foreigners balanced by purchases will end. What is saving the US it that the Dollar is the world currency which gives the mistaken belief that holdings are a good investment.

Following the policy only brings future buyings forward to the present.  There must be a pay-back soon.  Could the dollar become worthless like in Germany in the 1930s?  It surely can.  The Social Security Trust Fund which provides the goverment with funds will soon be empty.  Then the aged pension will be curtailed.    ⧗ or ⧗
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