Future Does Not Look Good for Mankind

The time ahead do not seem bright for people. * future we does or not at look am good it mankind do future ho does eh not *
The good days for modern Man are behind us. There is no way there will ever be times of high prosperity again. The problems are the human predisposition to violence and climate change.  Furthermore, there are just too many of us on this tiny spec in space. ⎳ future to does up not at good he mankind || political australia || ⎳
People fight over differences in culture. This can be ethnic, religious, political or social. Humans are not rational beings. When they have a belief about something they will sort through the available data and lock onto what supports their case. This happens even when there is overwhelming evidence to counter their point of view.  ⦿3up ⦿3

Everyone needs somewhere safe to live. Hurricanes are becoming more frequent in certain geographic corridors. Their strength totally destroys valuable infrastructure. A Relatively stable living zone is becoming a scarce resource. While most people now run from conflict, they will soon begin leaving regions desolated by disruptive climatic conditions. ⧗ on ⧗
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There cannot possibly be sufficient money from taxes to rebuild cities repeatedly destroyed by dangerous weather. There is not sufficient long-term employment for everyone to have new homes built, particularly when they still owe a lifetime's mortgage.

Technology is racing ahead while the standard of living is falling everywhere. Schools, hospitals, roads, and other public necessities for a decent life can no longer be supported. It is possible that citizens will refuse to pay taxes as they meet their immediate bills. Is food going to be taxed pushing it out of reach for the average person? I certainly hope this does not happen.

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