Good Macroeconomic News - Wages Falling in the West

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The world capitalist system is a leveller. As time goes by wages in Western nations will fall in real terms. Asian producers of low-end goods will not make things cheap enough. Europeans and Americans will not have the disposable income to purchase from abroad.      ◙2 in wages to Using or west macroeconomic ◙2
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This can only be a good thing macroeconomically for so-called advanced countries as factories start opening up again and people buy things made by local suppliers. Wages are falling now. There is less permanent work and workers have to take just about any job. Security in employment is history.  ⦿3 west up macroeconomic wages ⦿3

Australia's superannuation policy will die as earners will need every cent to survive in the present. It is already known that small employers are putting super payments in their pockets. Paul Keating's dream is on its last legs. Australia is becoming more American than America with crime and social problems out of control.     ⧗ sex ⧗

Getting an affordable house is impossible as the government lets more immigrants in despite gloating about its hard refugee policy. And the barriers are only for refugees. Fill out a temp worker form, stay here a few years and you are in permanently.    ⧗ good west or falling on good ⧗
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