Time Stands Still Because it Does not Exist

Our daily lives is an illusion. We look at clocks and watches but they measure nothing ◘1 up still we time at am exist it aged timer it stands news an nursing ◘1

Is time real? Does it exist at all? It only seems to work when one is in close proximity to it. Entropy is considered the norm. This is when a process goes from order to disorder. A scrambled egg cannot unscramble itself. This is a belief: it is not strictly true. Soft-scrambled eggs can become whole again if you wait 13.8 billion years.      ◙2 ok stands in still to Using or exist timely ◙2
Time does not exist
A moment in time is variable, not constant. Moving toward an explosion brings the present forward. Going away slows it down. In this case there are two nows. Tests were done to find out if sequenciality moves backward. The result was that time doesn't exist. This means that Einstein's conclusion that nothing can move faster than the speed of light is not correct. Things certainly moved across the nascent universe instantly in the big bang.  ⦿3 stands exist up still stands because ⦿3

Time is not a part of the physical world. It is an intruder, a stranger living in the wrong place. Scientists and philosophers see it differently. The theory of relativity and quantum mechanics do not go together. Philosophers look at the big picture and generate questions that just annoy scientists.     ⧗ sex ⧗    ⧗ or ⧗
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