Giant Chickens Roamed Australia

Xmas dinner would be a real pig-out if the giant chooks were still around. ◘1 Giant for Chickens or Roamed it xxxxxxxx giant ◘1
Large flightless birds in the northern and southern hemispheres evolved independently. This proves that animals evolve to fill environmental niches. Chicken-like birds as large as a horses lived in Australia 50,000 years ago.      ◙2 yyyyyyyyyy giant roamed chickens giant ◙2
If they were around today, they could provide an evening meal for a whole street. Imagine the size of eggs in the supermarket. Of course there would be a lot of humongous animals running around trying to eat us.  ⦿3 zzzzzzzzzzz in roamed on chickens in giant large birds ⦿3

Dromornithidae were not exactly like chickens. They had bulbous beaks and weighed in at 650 kilograms. Not related to emus, they roamed right across the continent. Mihirungs fossils dating back 50 million years have been found.     ⧗ sex ⧗    ⧗ or animals ⧗

It is presumed that the common ancestor of each group in the north and south was a small bird that could fly. Mihirungs are like ducks and geese: they are herbivores. It is not necessary to eat meat to become a huge animal.
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